Grant of Right of Burial

In simple terms, a “Grant of Right of Burial”, or Grant, is a Tenure Agreement over a stated burial plot which confers upon the holder of the Grant, known as the Grantee, the right to authorise burials, inter ashes and erect a monument within the burial plot.

Whether it be the first or a subsequent burial, the Grant held over a nominated burial plot must be current at the time a burial is conducted, ashes placement or monumental works take place.

Once a Grant expires, official ownership of the plot reverts to the Bunbury Cemetery Board. The 25 year tenure will commence upon the purchase date of the Grant of Right of Burial.

If the former holder of the Right of Burial is deceased, they may have bequeathed the Right of Burial to another person/s.

Please contact the Bunbury Cemetery Board office for further information on your family grave.

Pre-purchasing a Burial Location

Families wishing to secure a preferred burial site are advised that additional graves can be reserved or pre purchased by family members wishing to be buried in close proximity to the first interment burial site.

Pre-purchasing a preferred burial location is simple and removes the stress from grieving family members. When a burial is booked and, if no Pre-Need agreement is in place, the grave is allocated by the Bunbury Cemetery Board. It is unlikely that graves in the same area will be available for purchase at a later date.

The Bunbury Cemetery Board or your Funeral Director can provide further information to assist you when making a decision or planning  for your funeral.

Natural Burials

​The Bunbury Cemetery Board has established a Natural burial area. With a natural burial, the body is returned to nature in a biodegradable coffin and materials made from natural fibres.

The Natural Burial grave site is located in secluded bushland. There is no physical identification on the site of the burial, but names of those interred there, may be recorded on a communal memorial wall at the entrance to the area.

It is a unique environmental alternative to traditional burial.If you are considering this natural alternative and would like more information please contact our office or your funeral director.