Crematorium & Memorial Gardens

A memorial plays an important role in the grieving process.
It forms a link between the past, present and future.

Memorials have evolved to provide a range of beautiful choices for families of those left behind and for future generations to come and visit. It is a place to reflect, and provides a tangible link to a life lived.
The Bunbury Cemetery Board provides a range of memorial options from which to choose. There are traditional style rose beds, together with a range of memorials surrounded by bushland, parkland, and water. All memorial options are available with or without the placement of ashes.
Bronze plaques used in memorials vary in size depending on the garden option chosen. The plaque and the inscription to a standard number of lines is included in the price of the memorial.
The Bunbury Cemetery Board is dedicated to creating and maintaining a place of tranquility and peace, not only for our departed loved ones, but also for those who visit and pay their respects. As our gardens continually grow and change, we recommend an onsite inspection before making your final decision.
Our consultant will work closely with you to assist in your memorial selection and the plaque inscription. Memorial plaques can include emblems, photographs, and perpetual flowers for an additional cost.
Please contact our friendly office staff for an appointment so we may assist you further with any information or guidance you may require.

Storage of cremated remains

The Bunbury Cemetery Board will retain cremated remains in safe custody for a reasonable, but limited time, to enable an unhurried decision to be made on the placement of ashes.

Flower & Ornament Policy

In order to maintain a high and uniform standard in the gardens, and given the increasingly large volume of floral and other tributes the Board has a strict policy on the placement of glass jars and figurines at memorial sites.
The placement of fresh and/or artificial flowers is allowed, but withered and weathered flowers will be removed.
Our team of dedicated gardeners provide a place of tranquillity and peace, not only for our deceased loved ones, but also for those who visit and pay their respects.

Garden of Remembrance

Garden Beds with roses and beds with a range of mixed plants and shrubs may be chosen.The bronze or stainless steel 76mm x 64mm plaque includes 6 lines of inscription with a reservation for a second interment alongside.

Memorial Garden of Remembrance

The Memorial garden of Remembrance offers families a wider range of plant options. up to four family members can be commemorated in the chosen location.

A 143 mm x 117 mm bronze plaque includes 8 lines of inscription.

Memorial Garden Family Rose

Family Rose Dual Position offers a  “Rose” or “Shrub” in a traditional garden bed and a larger 229mm x 184 mm bronze plaque with 8 lines of inscription with a reservation for a second interment alongside.

Family Estate

A completely individual memorial garden bed reserved solely for your family with an option for you to choose the type of rose, tree or shrub. 

A range of garden bed sizes are available and custom built to meet your needs. For more detailed information please contact our office.

Memorial Walls

Limestone memorial wall  feature a 229mm  x 184mm bronze plaque with eight lines of inscription. Various memorial wall plaque options are available including sculptured borders, colours and designs.  

Niche Walls

Both single and double niche wall position are available in this traditional form of remembrance. Perpetual flowers and bronze Omega vases may be added at an additional cost.

Nature Series Memorials -Bushland, Lakeside and Parkland

Memorial options in Bushland, Lakeside and Parkland Niche settings provide a less formal memorial in picturesque, natural surroundings, some with water views. A bronze 229mm x 229mm plaque with 10 lines of inscription and reservation for a second interment alongside included.

Special Memorials

Throughout our gardens there are  opportunities for special memorials including garden benches, trees and rockeries.

For more detailed information please contact our office.

Community Memorial

Our Generic Memorial is available to the whole community as a setting where families are welcome to spend a private moment and place a flower if they are unable to return to the resting place of their loved ones on their special day.

Scattering to the Wind Memorial

The Scattering to the Wind Memorial, gives the opportunity of a plaque recognition for family members who have requested their ashes be scattered elsewhere.

Cremation Urns

The Bunbury Cemetery Board offer families a wide selection of urns to choose from with a variety of colors, styles and sizes available in metal, ceramic, stone, wood, glass and biodegradable scattering urns. Some families choose to retain a small amount of the ashes in a keepsake urn. We also have an attractive range of sterling silver and stainless steel jewellery in which a small portion of ashes can be placed.

For families who choose to scatter the ashes of a loved one at a non-cemetery location a range of biodegradable urns for both water and soil are available.

Selecting the right urn requires careful consideration, we recommend you contact our office to assist you in making your selection.

Children's Memorial

A small area has been set aside for children of any age.  Roses set around a birdbath and shady trees create a symbolic area. A 229mm x 184mm bronze plaque including 8 lines of inscription is available for this memorial.

Sids & Kids Baby Memorial

This area near our cemetery gates provides a quiet place to sit and reflect. This memorial is dedicated to those special little lives past, present and future. Memorial bronze plaques positioned in the Zonta rose garden are optional. For further information contact the office.