The Bunbury Cemetery Board is a statutory Western Australian government appointed body. The Board is a ‘User pays, not for profit’ organisation, audited by the Auditor General of WA and reports to the Minister for Local Government of Western Australia.

Cemetery chapel


For those interested in conducting further research or if you are just interested in the history of Bunbury and the Cemetery.


Historical Cemetery

The Bunbury Cemetery was established on this current site in 1914, with the first burial taking place in the middle of that year.

Bunbury Cemetery Board

The offices of the Bunbury Cemetery Board

The Bunbury Cemetery Board is directed by a set of clear objectives and guided by the values of Compassion, integrity, Tranquility, Growth & Innovation and Teamwork.

Policy & Legislation

Legislation & policy

Visitors to the Bunbury Cemetery must adhere to the Cemeteries Policies. The Cemetery Board is also guided by government policy as set out in two primary legislative acts.