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A Place of Commemoration, Peace and Tranquillity.

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Bunbury Crematorium and Memorial Gardens

A memorial plays an important role in the grieving process. It forms a link between the past, present and future.

Memorials have evolved to provide a range of beautiful choices for families of those left behind and for future generations to come and visit. It is a place to reflect, and provides a tangible link to a life lived.

Bunbury Crematorium and Memorial Gardens
Bunbury Crematorium and Memorial Gardens
Bunbury Crematorium and Memorial Gardens
Bunbury Crematorium and Memorial Gardens

A Place where families and friends remember the lives of those who were close to them


Bunbury Cemetery provides options for family members who wish to be buried in close proximity. Families are abilty to reserve or pre-purchase a preferred burial site.

​The Bunbury Cemetery Board has established a Natural burial area. With a natural burial, the body is returned to nature in a biodegradable coffin and materials made from natural fibres.

The Cemetery History

The Bunbury Cemetery was established on this current site in 1914, with the first burial taking place in the middle of that year. As was common early that century, the cemetery was laid out in a “Union Jack” pattern.

The Board is responsible for an area of just over 25 hectares and has provided the community with a variety of burial options to suit the needs of different community groups. Options include designated burial areas for particular religions, and non-denominational areas. Burial Lawns which are characterized by low monuments, community mausoleum, burial vaults and memorial gardens for cremated remains.

A Place for the whole community

The Bunbury Cemetery Board

Bunbury Cemetery Board offices

The Bunbury Cemetery Board is directed by a set of clear objectives and guided by the values of Compassion, integrity, Tranquility, Growth & Innovation and Teamwork.

Legislation & Policy

Bunbury Cemetery Board gardens

Visitors to the Bunbury Cemetery must adhere to our policies in the name of public safety and care for the cemetery grounds.

The Cemetery Board must also adhere to government policy as set out in two primary legislative acts.

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Important notice from the Bunbury Cemetery Board

The Bunbury Cemtery Board experienced and arson attack on the 1/3/2024 with approx 1.5ha of bushland being destroyed in a significant bushfire. No memorials or headstones were damaged in the fire. We ask anyone with any information in relation to the fire to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.